MF hallmark mystery

I saw a piece I liked and the hallmark is MF and the seller states that is the hallmark of Melvyn Francis which I know it is not as his hallmark is “FRANCIS”. Any clue who made the piece? It looks distinctly Native American. Any help greatly appreciated.

A picture would be really helpful

Ok, here it is.
I am not sure if I did that right. If it doesn’t post I can try and post a hyperlink.

Ok, too little. Let me try it again.

Hope this is better. I am new here and still learning how to do things.
Thanks, Dag

I deal frequently with Melvin, and you are right. This is not his hallmark. Any possible way you could add another picture of the top? Couldn’t immediately find a matching hallmark. However the style might lead somewhere.

Hi Jason. I asked you this same question through your website so you will see it there. For the benefit of the folks here I have attached a photo of the front of the actual piece in question.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I also asked you about another piece that I had purchased with a D. Cadman hallmark but no ram’s head. According to the seller it was purchased at Perry Null so I didn’t question any further but until then I had never seen a Darrell Cadman piece without the ram’s head hallmark but have seen some for sale since then. Here is a picture of that hallmark as well.

Thanks, Dag