MIKE PLATERO Ring: Age? Turquoise mine? Value?

I inherited this ring from my deceased aunt.
The diameter / top of ring is approx. 50 mm or 2 inches
Total weight Approx. 42 Grams
Hallmarked “Mike Platero” and “Sterling”

I did not find a lot of information about this Navajo silversmith beside that he started doing silverwork in 1965 and is married to Evelyn Platero. It would be great if somebody could identify the turquoise used and give me some indication about the age of the ring and the value of it.
For me it is a keeper - I love the turquoise and the sterling setting.


I would be interested to hear where you found this ring. Mike & Evelyn did lots of work for us. This turquoise is called Blue Bird and was sold by one of the Smith brothers. They have slowed down the last couple of years, but would think this piece has been made in the last 10 years. You would see something like this go between $250 and $300. Thanks for sharing.


I inherited this Ring from my deceased aunt. She traveled a lot in the Southwest. But I got no further Information waere she did by this ring
Mayer eventuell at Perry Null in Gallup?