Milton Lasiloo Mark

I have a sterling silver and sawtooth bezel set turquoise nugget watch (Timex) band. It has the Milton Lasiloo mark. Could someone confirm whether he was Hopi or Navajo? I have seen his pieces listed both ways. How about the mark work on this watch. Thank you in advance for looking.


Including the type of turquoise used as well. Thank you!

Lasiloo is a Zuni name. Did a google search and I see where the confusion is from. I think the hallmark needs a little more research before we call this watch Milton Lasiloo. This was a piece I found that is not Zuni work.

The center hallmark is from a Milton Lasiloo piece and you will notice the other two have a claw mark along with the ML.

I couldn’t get a good look at the turquoise, not sure what it is.

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Thank you, @Jason! Here are a few more pics.

The Medicine Man Gallery website link to hallmarks shows a hallmark for Milton Lasiloo similar to your piece (with a claw) but Hougarts shows just the conjoined ML. Hougarts says he does inlay and set stones. And searching the internet shows a lot of the ML (with claw) with turquoise nuggets (like yours) for sale attributed to Lasiloo. but are they attributed because the Medicine Man Gallery has the hallmark on its site? I didn’t find any claiming they actually had direct provenance proof. I think I would defer to Jason as an expert that says this doesn’t really look like Zuni work.

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