Miniature squash blossom - Native made or not?

I love this necklace and it’s diminutive size. I thought that it was my mother’s but she’s insisting that my dads mom gave it to her. This has me questioning the authenticity of this piece as my mom tended to purchase her turquoise from higher end galleries devoted to Native American art and my Gram tended to purchase her turquoise from QVC.

What is your opinion? Native made or not? Opinion on the turquoise? Real or not makes no difference to me because I love it so much but I am quite curious.


I can’t speak to the authenticity, but i can tell you i’d love to have one this size!


Welcome to the forum. It looks legit, the picture is a little dark.

Thank you! I will take/post a better picture later this afternoon.

My best guess is Sleeping Beauty but I really don’t know.


Looks beautiful on! I’d like one that size also!

I can say it looks good on you! Seriously, like it was made for you, lol!