Mom's train trip

So all the pictures of the earrings in another post got me remembering. I have two earring sets that are special to me. Back around 1945 my mom took a train trip across the country with her mom. She had just graduated from high school, I believe. She bought these earrings in Santa fe, and passed them on to me.

I had to replace the screw backs with posts. And clearly one has fallen apart, which I hope to have fixed someday.

She was a bit of an artist and kept a sketch book as they went across the country. When mom passed in 2015, we found the book in an old suitcase in the back of a closet.This is one of the drawings she did of Canyon Road.

This photo is one my grandmother took of mom while mom was sketching Christo Rey Church in Santa Fe. I gave the sketching of the Church to my nephew, her grandson. Hard to picture it with a dirt road in front of it!

Thanks for letting me share. I came along 12 years after my siblings, so I missed out on a lot of conversation about my mom’s early years.


@Ziacat You just won best post of the week! Really enjoyed it. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is such a sweet post :blush:
I think she has saddle shoes on!


Awww, thank you! I don’t know, there’s something about the holiday season that brings back memories. Mom’s dad died when she was 11, and they didn’t have much money, so I’m not sure how they managed the trip. But it was very special to her.

And yes, I do believe those are saddle shoes!


Beautiful memories.
You should be able to repair the earrings yourself. Jump rings for connecting the two pieces are readily available.

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I’ll have to see if I can do it; I’m not very good at fixing things. It seems the silver connection between the stones had a piece break off on the one. Thank you for the idea!