More Dry Creek Turquoise

These are my only other pieces with Dry Creek turquoise. Only 3 rings are hallmarked: P. Sanchez, Sterling (Pete Sanchez, Isleta) / EJ, Sterling (E. Jackson, Navajo) / Will Denetdale, Navajo, Sterling.


Very pretty. Now I see why people thought my Kingman ring with a light colored stone was Dry Creek - till it changed color :joy:

I didn’t realize Dry Creek could be this blue, but probably like a typical turquoise mine, it puts out different shades of turquoise.

I’ve never really been a big Dry Creek turquoise fan, because it’s usually so light. But these are pretty; they still look like turquoise!


Since you like the blue better, check out the Dry Creek available on the Godber-Burnham website. They have bluer pieces and the Godber Burnham pieces are beautiful too!


@Islandmomma Oooh, eye candy! Those cabs are gorgeous (& pricey!)

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Just had to say, I love you display of turquoise rings on gem specimens! I too am more drawn to the Dry Creek with a bit more color😊