More info on necklace please


I inherited this piece from my mother and would like to know more about it.
The drops appear to be mounted on shell or maybe bone. I think they either have iridescent pearl or shell inlay with turquoise and metal stripes. The Kachina type figures have black, maybe coral, and a white inlay. I don’t know if the black design at the feet of each kacina is part of the costume or a separate animal. I think the heishi beads are shell and that the beads are silver.
I don’t find any identifying marks or signatures.
I love the piece and have no intention to sell but would love to know more history. Does anyone have a guess as to what tribe/artist might have created this necklace?
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Hello, thanks for sharing. Most likely this is a Navajo made piece. The figures are Apache Crown Dancers and the shell it is hung on is Mother of Pearl Shell. It is an interesting piece. Sorry, but I don’t have an image of what it is inlaid on, but I doubt it would be bone. Hope this helps.

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That is very interesting. Thank you.