More unknown Artists

I have a Hopi pendant that came with an exquisite handmade chain.
Maybe it’s Hopi crafts? But I don’t recognise the other mark?

Also a super Navajo piece with some (what looks like) Morenci turquoise due to the ammount of pyrite.
It’s electro pun signed - again no idea of the artist who made it?

I read somewhere else about swedging - would the band be that on this with the way it all sits together?

Am keen to find out more - thank you again for looking and any help.

Any new members able to give their views?

Thanks - TH


It looks like Hopi Crafts hallmark along with Roy Tawahongva’s mark. The Navajo bracelet is nice. I don’t recognize the mark. You are right about the stone and I would date this piece 1990s. Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you Jason for taking the time to find out the info of the artist

Please delete my last post too as it was a mistake! - sorry!