Mosaic inlay cuff VMB Begay or Banteah?

Thanks. I was pretty sure I had read that he was in the shop and you knew him. What threw me off was seeing traditional Zuni inlay (flush mounted) as Banteah’s work.
I am attaching pictures of the cluster cuff that I have by LMB. Is this his son Larry Moses Begay? Can you determine the type of turquoise? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Thanks as always, Jason.

I hope you are able to get confirmation from Begay or Banteah. I have seen auctioneers attribute similar pieces to one or both.

Nothing beats first hand confirmation.

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What I’ve always wondered is there seems to be two versions of the VMB stamp (no periods). One seems to have wider, chunkier letters that are along an even plane. The other seems to have a more compressed look of the V and M with the letters not always on an even plane. Would the artist use more than one stamp to sign their jewelry?

@GreenRock, as discussed up thread, there are two different maker who use VMB, the other being the Zuni couple Matilda and Valentina Banteah. Victor Moses Begay is Navajo. Confusingly enough, they both did petitpoint clusterwork. I’m sure their work gets mixed up all the time.

I understand that. The VMB with periods is attributed to Banteah. The VMB without periods is attributed to Begay. What I am questioning is the two different font styles for the VMB without periods. Are both of those font styles attributed to Begay?