Mother of Pearl Bracelet and ring by Miriam Chuyate

Hello Turquoise People!!
I recently did a fabulous trade, where I aquired this bracelet and ring set. It is very large and heavy. The mother of pearl is very fine and beautifully shaped and polished. There is a heavy patina on both. The bracelet is signed in cursive on the back “Miriam Chuyate”. The ring is stamped on the inside of the band “M. Chuyate”. I absolutely love this jewelry! I would love to know more about it, more about her, and an idea of the era that it’s from, and of course, some idea of the value. I thank you for your time and any information that you can share with me!



I can not find any information on this name, but it is a Zuni name. You think of this style as more Navajo then Zuni. The silver leafs are not handmade. This style would be very common in the 1970s and 80s. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for the response Jason! I agree, it does seem to be of the Navajo style, and I was told that it is most likely 1970’s. I have been wearing it almost every day, and am really enjoying the large size and weight that is has. Would you have any idea of what kind of value a set like this would have? I haven’t seen many pieces that are like it, and I’m no expert. Again, thank you for taking the time to look into it and to respond. I’m loving reading all the posts here, and have learned a lot since joining!

I happened to google Miriam Chuyate jewelry and came across this site. I’m very amazed to see her beautiful work, well admired by so many. I can personally answer your question about what Tribe and others. I am her biological granddaughter. She was Hopi-Tewa and the last name Chuyate came from a marriage she was in with a Zuni man. I have never met him, not do I know much about him. Except that he was the one who taught her how to make jewelry. My Grandmother Miriam, who’s maiden name is Polacca. She continued her trade, and went on to teach my father. She later married a Japanese man, whom she also taught. That’s where the name Chujo came in. My name is Natalie and I am her 3rd oldest grandchild.


I just read through some more stuff and it was mentioning a Marylin Chuyate, a Zuni artist. I’ve personally never heard of her. But being that my grandmother married a Zuni man, and picked up the Zuni style jewelry… It could have been either hers or my grandmother’s. I’m unsure of the man’s first name, but I’ll be some searching.


I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to respond here! It really means so much to me to know more about the history of this amazing set and the woman who made them. These pieces have become so special to me, I’m quickly wearing off the patina, and the silver is beginning to shine. The style is very unique, and now I can see why. Not quite a Zuni piece, or Navajo, or Hopi, but a fusion of influences and styles, melded into her own vision. Thank you again, Natalie. Feel free to add to this post. I will be checking in again to read the wonderful stories and information on this site! All the best to you…

Thank you Natalie @ macarons.17,

I was just googling M. Chayate as well and found your reply here. It is very cool that you have such a talented Grandmother and can give us so much information about her and her work. You must be, understandably, very proud.

I also own a corresponding set (pendant, ring, earrings and wristwatch) stamped M.Chuyate, which I inherited from my Grandmother. She was a collector of Native American jewelry and probably purchased the set in the seventies. I was surprise to see how identical my set is to Steeltoeprincess’ set, definitely the same artist and collection, in fact my ring looks exactly like Steeltoeprincess’ ring.