Multi-Concho Belt with Heavy Sterling Silver and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

I am interested in finding the artist and age of this vintage belt I recently acquired as a family heirloom. I am pretty sure from my dealings with recognizing turquoise from various mines that it is sleeping beauty turquoise based on the color and matrix. The initials are stamped sterling & TP. Most of the individual pieces have a number inscribed in the sterling. I am including pictures to assist with identification and to hopefully help give me an idea of the value of this American Indian Silversmith piece. From the markings and style I believe it is Dine/Navajo made. Thanks for your


Hello, thanks for sharing. I found a name used in Schaaf’s book, Thompson Platero. I could find anything like the belt when I googled his name, but did find some cluster work. The work looked to be 1970s - 80s. I would think the oldest this belt would be is the 1980s. You are right about Navajo and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. I imagine the numbers on the buckle just has to do with the order of the buckles being finished. If the silversmith worked with a shop to get this made it is not unusual to do a piece at a time. If we had this belt it would be marked $2200 - $2500. Hope this helps.

Thank you Jason for your assistance. Your knowledge and prompt response are greatly appreciated and I will be sure to share your site with all other I know in the buying, selling, and collecting of American Indian Sterling & Turquoise and other American Indian Jewelry. Thank you for your kindness. You guys are Awesome!