Multi stone inlay ring - hallmark identification

Good afternoon to everyone!
Anybody have any idea on the hallmark below on this multi stone inlay ring?
I have exhausted the books/internet on this one.



I couldn’t find anything on the hallmark. The style is different it almost reminds me of Santo Domingo work. Can you give any additional information about the piece, where purchased, etc?

Unfortunately I have no records for this ring. I inherited a massive amount of Southwest, Navajo jewelry (mostly signed by well known vintage artist, some deceased) that my husbands deceased wife left him. I am going through piece by piece trying to identify.
Most of which I can find… a few I cannot. This would be one of them I cannot seem to determine artist. I appreciate you taking a look though.

I gave it another go and came up with nothing, good luck. It is a very good looking ring and doesn’t appear to be that old.

Thank you so much for trying to identify.


Looks like a bird or duck…or stylized R.

I thought about the “duck” “bird” hallmark as well. Thank you.
Still unable to identify.

Happy hunting to me!!!