Multi-textured sterling and turquoise ring

I found this ring locally and the woman I bought it from had no information about it. It is big- nearly two inches long and about 1 1/2” wide. It has a pretty oval piece of turquoise that seems to have a quartz inclusion on one end. What I find intriguing is the many different designs incorporated into the front of the ring.
There is a hallmark, another mark that may be a small crescent moon and 925. It is very heavy at 26.6 grams. I have been through a stack of books and can’t identify the mark. Do any of you know who this may be? I would also love to know an approximate age and value. Thanks


Its heavy because it is cast. nice work


That is a really nice ring.

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That’s a beautiful ring!

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Thanks to all three of you for your compliments. I sure hope I can find out more about the maker, the turquoise and some idea of value. It’s such a cool ring.

I think of this style like Martha Cayatineto work, If she had made this ring I would guess it would be around $120 - $140 retail. That is a piece of Chinese turquoise.

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Thanks. Now I have another person to learn about. This one was for the textured silver work but it’s nice to know about the turquoise also.

That is a piece of Lone Mountain turquoise. Better than average.

Not Chinese!

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I’m still trying to figure out the maker of this ring. Found a pictograph today that is similar and the artist uses 925. His name is Al Somers and he was Apache, Blackfoot, Scottish. Passed away several years ago. I have found profiles for him on some Native American jewelry sites but not many pictures of his work. Did read that he usually worked in a traditional Navajo style. Is anyone familiar with his work? Do you think the hallmarks may be the same person? Thanks for your help.

His work is amazing, I don’t think this ring matches his style. I have added his hallmark to compare.


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Thanks. Identifying some things teaches you patience. It sure helps to be able to ask knowledgeable people like you.

Ok I’m back to this “ring” because I have just stumbled across something that is nearly identical! Took a few screenshots. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

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I’m not sure my piece started life as a ring. Perhaps it was a bolo. Pure speculation but I definitely believe these two pieces are related.


I think this might be the maker, They have a contact on the website, you might see if they recognize the ring.

I think they are siblings or at the very least first cousins.

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