Multiple pieces unknown

These were part of my mother’s favorite jewelry. I have no known origin or where she aquired them or purchased. Amy and all help is appreciated. Thank you

I have the same earrings and I don’t think they are vintage (not positive) and they are made from buffalo bone. Some come from Indian trading stores throughout the states. The ones I own came from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The white ones are the ones I’m referring to

that is cool melissa. I did a little research after I read a few of the entries here. Some of my pieces that I got from my mom after she passed in May of this year have RB STERLING imprinted on them. So neat

If the “RB” is inside of an outlined animal shape, and it looks like a bear, they may be from the Running Bear shop. This was a benchwork shop that had some very skilled Native artists working within it and using the shop stamp.

I have a decent little cluster bracelet from this shop with good stones that I like very much.