My Birthday goodie! (Contemporary work)

Y’all… I cannot begin to Express how excited and Happy I am.

I came across a contemporary native American jewelry artist (he’s Navajo/Diné) Named Milford Calamity on of all places…tiktok, back during the summer.
I drooled over his work for months. It’s clean, edgy, very contemporary and future forward pieces that will be the collector gems of the future.

For my birthday in September, my husband surprised me with the money I needed to commission Milford for a piece.
I have always wanted a dragonfly cuff done in turquoise and purple spiny oyster.
He asked for my ideas, I sent a couple sketches his way, let him work his magic… he finished the cuff yesterday, and posted pictures today… and I’m absolutely gobsmacked. The Spiny oyster is so thick and the color so deep. He chose orange spiny for the heart of the dragonfly. And the turquoise…oof, the turquoise! I was pretty particular about natural unstabilized, and he met my request in spades… the stones he chose made my heart skip a lil bit.
Construction is: Solid sterling for the bands hammered into shape,you can see hit marks in the severe close up, hand wrought silver bezels, he cuts his own stones and shell, hand wrought silver rope work. Free hand silver bead work down the bands. Stamp work throughout and on reverse… beaded the wing ends so they won’t snag. I love the older traditional style with all my heart…but don’t forget some of these new and currently working artists…contemporary when done right, like loloma or Yazzies, is absolutely exquisite… and I really think Milford Calamity is on track for museum pieces.


After reading your post and seeing the photos, now I want one and I’m a dude. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Seriously, that is a great looking cuff. Beautiful stones, oyster, and silverwork throughout. :+1:


A beautiful piece of art. Glad you found an artist to make your dream piece.

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Oh I love this piece! Happy September B-Day!

He makes Ketohs and belt buckles! :grinning:
And check out this Number 8 turquoise Tie Tack!..


Beautiful bracelet! You said stampwork on the reverse…sooo…let’s see it, lol!

He just mailed it… I’ve gotta wait till Monday to see the back…so I’m like a kid on Christmas eve impatiently waiting! Lol


Milford’s Signature is almost always his full name in script… sometimes he’ll stamp it multiple times to create a pattern out it.
He didn’t show me the back yet, because sometimes he includes stamped inspirational quotes, like a surprise… :blush:

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I was surprised with it being delivered today! Pictures of the back stamping added… covered in stamped dragonflies! And a quote I chose “Pain shapes woman into a warrior” as a tribute to lost loved ones and my own struggles with health.


It’s really a cool bracelet! The stones, the stamping… Now I want one too, lol.

It looks beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very creative…it turned out to be an incredible piece!

Happy belated Birthday!.The cuff looks gorgeous on you…Hugs you beautifully… Now I too want one!.. :slight_smile:

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That was another deciding factor for me. I’m a bigger lady but I have tiny wrists. 5.5-6in. The average ladies wrist is 6.5-7.25 so when I’d search for vintage pieces I’d rarely find one my size, often listed In children’s/teen jewelry… lol
So I knew custom was my best shot, because I could get the big piece I wanted in the smaller fit. He also made sure the dragonfly was it’s own separate medallion soldered down to the cuff so if the cuff itself is adjusted it won’t pop stones.The whole dragonfly can be released, cuff adjusted, and dragonfly re-soldered back to the cuff.

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I too have a 5.5-6 incher… Very difficult finding smaller cuffs for sure… I love the look of this on you… **perhaps after I hit a lottery I’ll commission him!

Stunning!!! I love temporary pieces, that bracelet is a work of art.

Lovely! Happy Birthday! Love love love it!

I love his work! Beautiful bracelet!

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Oh my. That’s stunning–and your husband is definitely a keeper.

WOW! That is simply beautiful! And so unique!! It must be like wearing living art. Do you feel a vibe when you wear it?