My collection - real stones?

Hello everyone! I’m new here. I have been collecting vintage turquoise jewelry for about 6 months now and I love learning about the history of these pieces and the artists who make them. I don’t have a lot of info about all of these pieces and I wanted to check and see if these are real stones. I’m still learning about signs of imitation turquoise. The cuff is my newest piece and possibly my favourite :slight_smile: Thank you!


Everything looks real, you found some really nice pieces. Looks like a few of those rings have some age.

Smaller one on ring finger looks like a Bell branded tourist piece, I believe I have the matching baby bracelet. That would not be unusual as they were manufactured en masse. Do any of you pieces have hallmarks?

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Oh interesting!! And yes, two of them do - I’ll attach the photos. The green one has “PP Sterling” and the coral and turquoise ring has “LH” inscribed inside the band.

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Thanks Jason! I’m so curious about how old these pieces are! I was told the ring on my pinky is from the 50s and I would guess the large one on my middle finger above the snake ring is from the 30s based on other similar pieces I’ve seen. I don’t know enough yet to be sure. That stone is quite smooth and even in colour so that’s why I was worried at first that it wasn’t real. The turquoise stone on the turquoise and coral ring has a very very small white ding on it which also made me wonder because of dyed Howlite but it does look real to me too. I really appreciate your feedback!

I believe the PP is a Navajo maker Pat Platero from the last 20 years of their work. Very nice! I’m interested to see what that stone is…anyone know? Please and thank you🤓

I thought it might be Pat Platero too. I was told it was green turquoise when I bought it!

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