My cuff

Wondering how much something like this would go for. Marking is L Notah. I think the two stones are kingman turquoise, I know the one stone is sleeping beauty. Not looking to sell. I wear it every day. But part of me is worried I shouldn’t be. 223 grams of silver.

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All the turquoise is natural.

This bracelet weighs 223 grams? Is that typed correctly?

Any chance you have a photo of it head on, straight to the camera, on a surface (not held or worn)? Just to see detail better.


Hmm, it looks like it’s been stabilized to me.

Great looking bracelet, traditional Navajo silver work. It is 150 carats to a troy ounce of silver, so you could probably guess this bracelet around 6 ounces. That translates to $180 of silver, if we go with 150 carats those rocks would be around $2 a carat in a supply store, $300. So if you commissioned this piece it is $480 in materials before you start with labor. Once you get to retail you are looking $1000 plus cuff. Enjoy wearing it.