My First Bolo. Help with turquoise ID. Bisbee?

Purchased my first bolo and it’s a beauty. Hoping the turquoise is Bisbee but whatever it turns out to be it’s an eye catching electric blue. Help with the value would be appreciated. What you can’t see from the pictures is the clasp reads Bennet Pat. Pend C-31so it dates to the mid 1950’s and hallmarked BLM
Pendant 2x3.
Bolo ends .5x 1.5
73 grams
Also any help on the best way to care for the leather that will not impact value as it is drying out and changing color. Thanks Darlene


Great job! It’s beautiful! I’m not sure about the Bisbee because I’m not a pro, but even if it’s not, it’s still really nice looking turquoise. I hope you will enjoy wearing it.

That is a really nice one! I too would be interested to know about caring for the leather.

This is a beautiful bolo. I don’t see the BLM from the image, can you include a picture of that. I am going to call this Navajo and more likely the 1970s. The turquoise is Persian, which can look very much like a piece of Bisbee. It also has that nice domed cut. Those Bennett backings are used over a long period of time, and we still have the ones without the c-31. The easiest thing is to replace the leather cord.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for your help with the turquoise identification. You know one of these times I just might get it right :wink:

The hallmark is very hard to see with the naked eye. I have blown it up and attached the image. Now that I see it larger maybe there is no L just BM. I tried to research it but came up with nothing. Also attaching a close up on the turquoise as well.


I come up with a name Ben Murphy, seams to use a BM with a shape surrounding it. He specialized in castwork, which this is. Beautiful piece of Persian.

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Thanks Jason, so helpful as always.

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