My first book piece! (Now ruined) - not!

Just a little one, though. Ever since Christibo posted that cool little owl, I have been coveting one on and off. This little guy caught my eye. I couldn’t read the signature in the seller photos, but what sold me was the little stamped drops on either side. (That, and it was my size). It turns out the artist is Blake and Velma Lesansee. Page 4, Zuni the art and the people.


Cngratulations on your find.

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Thanks. Apparently the books aren’t keeping up. IBlake passed away in 1988 and Velma followed in 2013.

Gaaaah! I wore my ring in the kitchen tidying up for a sec and apparently dried my hands too hard/long!!! I am so bummed right now. His eye washed off :pensive: Must’ve been some sort of enamel because they aren’t inlay.

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So sorry to hear this, did you find the little dot?

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No, not yet. It looks like they are made out of silver paste and painted. Some of the black came off the other one. They are actually concave shaped.

You should be able to have it repaired.


I’m baa-aack! Took me long enough, lol!


The ‘silver paste’ is actually an aluminum based compound Zunis use to fill the gaps between the stone or shell and the silver channels into which the stone is inlaid. I forget what it’s called, but when you see an area that looks sort of like silver between the stone and silver channels, that’s what your looking at.

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He looks great! Glad you got him fixed up