My First Concho Belt

I got a concho belt today and would like to get some help determining whether what the previous owner told me was accurate (her late dad bought it and according to her, he probably had it commissioned.) He worked in Arkansas and Oklahoma pretty extensively in the 70’s, maybe earlier. I see no marks but it appears to be silver. The stamp work looks like it was nicely done. Does the style of the belt buckle help to determine age? Several pieces of the turquoise have cracks but appear secure. One piece has a small chunk missing. Should I do something to ensure that it doesn’t get worse?
The previous owner called her brother after I left and called to tell me that he told her there were two brothers and he was pretty sure that the one who made the belt was named Phil Moore.
My questions are: 1) age of belt 2) quality of workmanship 3) value 4) will it affect the value if I change the belt so that I can wear it? 5) best glue to hold broken turquoise in place. I forgot to mention the weight which is 551 grams. Six butterflies, five conchos and the buckle. The buckle is 3 5/8” x 3 1/4”, the butterflies are 2 1/4” x 1” and the conchos are 3 1/4” x 2 7/8”.
Thanks as always!

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That is a beautiful piece all the way down to the leather.

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Thanks. What do you think about gluing the one turquoise that is missing a small piece? What glue do you use?
I can’t believe that someone local came into the market where I work and said she had two concho belts for sale. Obviously it’s a small island and word gets out. We have regular customers who tell me they come in to see what I have on and to show off what they have found. I guess like attracts like.
She told me she thought 70’s. Does that seen about right to you?

I don’t know if others have a better idea but I would use E6000 glue. Just a small amount that would not squeeze out but only placed on the bottom of the stone (probably with a toothpick). E6000 is my go-to for almost anything like jewelry and it holds well for a long time.


Buckle style tells me it’s later, but not sure how to narrow it down to a specific decade. Instead of gluing the stone with the missing piece, how about having Perry Null or another reputable dealer replace it? If you prefer to glue, personally I would use a super glue gel and rough up both connecting sides.


Thank you both. I have both glues- E6000 and Loctite super glue gel. I have used the E6000 for reattaching tips on new bolo cord. I think I’m just going to put a little glue on the broken turquoise for now and maybe send to Perry Null after the new wears off! :wink:
I have a piece of turquoise that the tip broke off of. Which would be the better choice for a noticeable repair of turquoise to turquoise?

So beautiful! I had my eye on one recently, but someone else grabbed it when I forgot to bid on it. I don’t have one yet, but I want one like this where there is the extra leather strip in back.

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I like that too. The woman I bought this from had two. I thought I would like the one with the rectangular buckle best (from a small phone picture). However, when she came back with it, the silver was thin and sharp. The corners were actually slightly curled. When I went to her house the next day I saw this one and it was much nicer quality. I’m happy. You probably missed that other one so that you’ll find an even better one. Happy hunting!


It is such a fantastic belt that I wouldn’t mess with glue; have it professionally done. Wonderful find!


That is insanely gorgeous. I’m greeeeen with envy!

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