My Grandmother loved this and gave to me. TURQUOISE INLAID NECKLACE

Good afternoon all and thank you in advance for helping me evaluate this great piece!

My Grandfather was Navajo, which gave my Grandmother a love for all things Native American. They drove across country as a hobby, stopping at as many reservations as possible and this is one piece that I always loved and even played dress up in! Here are a few photos, but it is really hard to see any etching, but I believe I see fragments here and there but not sure where to look. Any help identifying this would be so very much appreciated!!!


This is lovely! The flat inlay is called “Dishta” style, first and most famously done by the Dishta family of Zuni. It can be hard to differentiate the work of the actual Dishta family from that of other Zuni that worked in the same style, but I do think this is Zuni, probably 50’s or 60’s. I always love these collar or bib necklaces and I feel like you don’t see too many of them in Dishta style. The chain on this is hand made as well.