My Hopi necklace- K. Dale (unknown artisan in books) yet hallmark exists

I have had this necklace since the late 80’s… Hallmark of artisan is K. Dale. /Karen Dale -unknown in Wrights book as well as Hougarts (?)… Would appreciate advice on original Hopi classification… Was told it was Hopi. Does anyone have any input or has seen any others pieces by this artisan? Jason?



I don’t know the name. From the look I would call this Navahopi, Navajo made Hopi style. Dale is a Navajo surname and the craftsmanship just doesn’t have a Hopi feel.

Jason, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The knowledge and expertise you and
other members share is Truly appreciated!

From the Barton Wright book. I spotted it while I was looking for something else.

So after 1981 with K. instead of Karen.

Ohhhhh Thank you AC… I appreciate this.
The ‘unknown’ tribal affiliation (?) leaves me with questions. several artisans are shown as unknown…Im going to continue researching. Checking out First American Traders and Mark LIndsay since she smithed for both…
well, All i could find for a Mark Lindsay> lead singer for “Paul Revere and the Raiders.” :guitar:
Oh boy!! showing my age… Thanks again

I recently had the same problem looking for someone who had the same name as an up and coming basketball player. He was all I could find, it was flooded with nothing but him, for the life of me I can’t remember the name though.

And like Jason said, Dale is a Navajo surname although the work is Hopi overlay.
Also I’ve seen many artist in the book who have (Anglo) beside their name and she doesn’t so it is most likely truly Native American made.

… let me know if you remember his name!.. :smile:
Well, I wrote to First American Traders asking if they had any info about her
'78-81 stint as a smith for them…
I am hoping they get back to me with some info… I’ll keep ya’ll apprised . Thanks AC.

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