My new collection of specimens

I am so excited about my new collection. I am colleecting speicimens from all the mines in USA and some from around the world. Easier to use the ebay photos then to get them all out and photograph. I have 10 all total i just bought but others i will show u later.


That is really cool, thanks for sharing. How do you go about finding these?

@Meandmy6 wow!!! Great specimens, especially the nuggets!! I also have a Blue Goose cab that I purchased years ago in Austin NV. When I get a chance I’ll add it to this post. Now, I feel the need to pick up more nuggets!


Thanks for sharing. The blue goose is quite striking.

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Found your listings–these are a hair more than 1/2 inch maximum, is that right? Pics can be hard to interpret for scale.
Pretty reference pieces.

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Its a lady i have bought from for years on ebay. She lives in Arizona. Do you want her seller ID?

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Yes they are small. Sorry about those giant pics, Lol. The specimens are small but so beautiful. With them small i can do a nice shadow box. I feel like i own a piece of American history. Cant wait to buy more.


I think my fave is the Royston

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No, I was just wondering how you do it. Makes it nice one person has all of these.

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Jason i just got a really good offer on this Necklace. I have been watching it for awhile. She started out over a hundred dollars and is offering it to me for $50. She took it somewhere a jewler, idk, anyway they broke off a small piece to see if color went through. She posted the piece. Anyway what do you think?

It looks a little suspect. Did they tell you if those beads are silver? We see a lot of stuff that is dyed that looks like this.

I agree with you. Thats why i didnt buy it. She claims its Native American but looks almost like Howlite. Now i forgot what you asked me🙄