My new Hopi brooch- Allen Pooyouma!

I was super excited to find this brooch online the other day. It has just arrived and I could not be happier. He seems to have several pieces on line that have a similar use of parrots as the primary design element even though he is from the young corn clan. For people familar with Pooyouma’s work do you think this is early work or more from the 80s or 90s? Also when I see he work on line (particularly with parrots) the prices are quite high but I am always amazed at how much some of the independent sellers are asking (do they actually ever get these prices?).

One other question: I would like to wear this as a pendant but the pin to pendant converters for ‘vertical’ pins that I see online are not very nice. Do any of you have a good source. From the photo of the back you can see it would need to lay next to the fastener.


That is truly beautiful, especially because of the stones; that doesn’t seem as common with Hopi artists.

So I have this thing,

That works well with vertical pins. Unfortunately it was given to me by a shopkeeper in Canada who loved my pin, and just gave it to me because I was wearing the pin on a leather cord (which actually does work pretty well). Maybe try googling that kind of pin converter?

Sorry I don’t know where she got it. Someone told me they have them at Claire’s boutiques (a mall chain), but I don’t know.

Thanks I will look for one that looks like that. I am not sure if the fastener part will fit next to the part that slides over the pin but it might. Right now I just have it slide onto a sterling chain and it works OK but I don’t want to put a lot of wear and tear on the pin if I don’t need to.

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Beautiful piece, I think of this as earlier.

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I hope you find one! I need to look for another type for my pins that lie horizontally, as it doesn’t work well on those.

I’ve had a lot of time to look at this website and respond, because I’m suffering from a moderate concussion after being bucked off a horse. But at least it’s letting me really look at a lot of cool stuff on here!

I bought from these people on etsy (for horizontal) because they offered 3 different sizes and two different hole openings and they are are sterling silver. They came reasonably quickly and work OK. The only thing about pin converters for horizontal is that if it is too narrow the pin slides around and if the weight is wrong it has a tendency to want to flip down.
etsy shop with sterling pin to pendant converters.

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aaaaaaaargh you beat me on this one by pennies! gorgeous piece. congrats!

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I completely forgot that I have one kind of like those in the link, but never use it because of exactly what you said; the brooch slides horizontally. But, mine is smaller. Some of those look longer. Longer might work. Thanks for the ideas!

Try wrapping the pin stick part in tin foil and then put it in the converter…it’ll pad and hold the pin in place more tightly so it doesn’t spin.

Beautiful pin!!

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What type of material do you want for the necklace?
I have used jewelry grade epoxy to glue on a heavy duty magnetic clasp to the pin area. The attached a jump ring to the clasp. this way the piece could eaither be used as a pin or a pendant, depending on my mood at the time.

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I used to shop ebay a lot years ago (when it wasn’t so hard to wade through all the crap) and honed my bidding skills. But I haven’t done on line auctions for years but some of the old skills have started to come back. I will have to say, my heart was pounding pretty hard when I won this one.

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it’s definitely worth more than you paid for it. i have a hard limit on what i spend, but sometimes i get very lucky and win with a last second bid. It’s a gem and i’m glad it went to a loving home! :smiley:

Freddy Platero makes those kinds of converters as well as others. I have several of his and one is a converter to use a belt buckle as a pendant. He’s on Facebook.


Something to temporarily convert a belt buckle sounds interesting. I’ve thought about just using a leather cord to do this to one of my buckles that I rarely wear. I had one small buckle permanently made into a pendant because it was too small for my belts, but don’t want a permanent change on any of the others.

Thanks for the idea!