My Only Effie Piece!

People look twice when I wear this pendant. I don’t know whether it is because it is so large…the snake has red eyes…or it makes them nervous. I love this Effie Calavaza piece because the snake does have red eyes and the body coils down from the bale. Quite fun, but heavy! I live in Colorado and a lot of snakes in my backyard. I’m quite partial to them, except for the Bulls.


My wife of over 20 years is from Co. Great place to buy. Nice stamp work. I can see why you love it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m originally from Oklahoma and Texas and landed in Colorado as a teenager! Prices are relatively high in Colorado, but you would be amazed what you can find in weird places! I bought most of my jewelry in the mid 70’s so don’t buy much anymore unless it’s a steal! But part of the fun is the hunt. :blush:

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The late 1960s & much of the 70s was a wonderful time to buy from what I hear. A local San Franciscan Jewelry Store Owner has told me stories. Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane came into the shop when his Mum was running it, very early 70s. She bought everything Native made in stock, quite a bit,. including 4 giant Squash Blossom Necklaces, etc. She told his Mum," The kids love this stuff, buy all you can!" I imagine you own some lovely items.

LOL…I remember seeing Grace Slick on TV in the old days. She was always wearing a squash blossom necklace of some sort, turquoise bracelets, rings, etc. Must have weighed her down quite a bit!

One of my first “real” jobs was in retail in 1974. People were having NA fever, so the dept store contracted with a trader from NM to do special shows every three months. Since I worked in the jewelry dept, I was in heaven. That went on for several years and prices were actually high once they were marked up for resale. But people gobbled it up like crazy! Once I figured out what I liked, I would just ask Rob to find a good piece for me and he would sell it to me wholesale. Thank goodness…otherwise it was unaffordable for a 19-20 year old. I was really stuck on Kingman turquoise so have mostly that. The newer Kingman is not as blue. So when hunting, I like to find old Kingman if I can.

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Very kool memories, thanks for sharing your experience. I was born in 73 with a very good memory. I have memories of NA Fever during my childhood. The commercial with a NA crying about pollutants ( I think the actor was actually Italian ), hippies with bright colored Vans & colorful clothes fascinated me as a kid. My Mum sold Antiques growing up in New England. So, if one can collect it, I often have some knowledge. Kingman was a good choice, bet you have some nice works ! NM seems to be a hub for jewelry. Want to take a walk on the well made, expensive side, look at Perry Null Trading Co. They have a bolo priced at 30 thousand. Sometimes it’s fun to look!

I always peek at Perry Null’s website. They have beautiful things there…nothing I can afford but it’s fun to look. I also like
Paula is the narrator and she is just north of Denver. She has blog postings and helps people identify marks, stones, etc. I’ve found the answers to many questions on her site. She also has some beautiful pieces in her store which are not ridulously priced. We go to Santa Fe oeriodically since it’s only about 7 hours from Denver. my favorite place there is Wind River Trading Co., not for the new stuff but the old pawn. And the old pawn stores there will gouge you. But it’s fun to hunt.

I envy your Mom having an antique store. I collect antiques! My brother claims walking into my house is like walking into my great grandmothers or a museum. I said…what better way to get an education! Most of my furniture is family “heirlooms” (aka stuff nobody wanted but me). My grandmother started giving me a salt cellar at age 5 for every birthday and Christmas. I’m partial to cut glass, any glass, vintage jewelry, and as my husband says…just old junk nobody appreciates.

Enjoy collecting the NA bolos and belts. Keep an eye out at pawn shops on occasion. It’s interesting what they end up with and everything is negotiable.


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Terry, thanks for replying. Perry Null is incredible as well as incredibly high priced. I truly appreciate being introduced to anyone online, people who sell NA Silver, Turquoise, old or modern, I like unique items. I have a Ebay Store with roughly 700 positive transactions, but need a better camera. My Grandma actually was the start of the Antiques. Sadly, I can relate, my half brother got lots of goodies as he has a larger home. I also love Silver boxes. NA best, Taxco Silver ( Mexico ), made many nice pill size boxes. Sunshine Reeves ( might have name wrong ), makes modern NA boxes, I cannot tell if they are machine or handmade, they are lovely regardless. As for your husband, has he said " You can’t eat it, what good is it !?" yet? :blush: My wife gets a bit frustrated as well,lol!