My sister has a Zuni silver and turquoise necklace. At the back it has RXXX. Any info would be great

Anyone have any info on a Zuni silver and turquoise necklace. My Mum bought it and she was told it was a Zuni. At the back it has RXXX in ialics.
I would be so fantastic if anyone has any information. Thanks in advance.

Photographs are needed to get a response here…

Hello, this is the necklace. It is most interesting. It almost looks like a frog design if you look at the back, but then looks like a flower from the front.

I just can’t find anything about the initials RXXX on the back of the middle one. Any information is most appreciated. Thank you so much.

Most likely they are not initials, but a marking for the cost. These markings are often referred to as a trader’s mark. The r represents a number, the xs are zeros. You are right about it being Zuni. It is a beautiful piece.