My treasured bracelet

I’ve had this bracelet for more than 40 years and for the life of me can’t quite remember where I got it. (Can’t remember what I had for breakfast either!!) It is quite heavy, about 1/8 inch thick on the ends. Cannot be bent. Inside circumference is about 5 1/4 inches. Opening is 1 inch.
Top is 2 inches wide max.
No hallmark or signature. The inside silver is worn very smooth. When you rub a finger across the stones, you can feel the matrix. The bezels (right word??) holding the stones are about 1/4 inch deep.
I figure it is Navajo, but would be interested in any thoughts about the style, what kind of turquoise it is, whether the style is typical of any particular region or artist. Just generally curious.

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/2X/5/5fcd963103a5a0ef4160fc82f7e67c4c32c931a9.jpg">

FYI, The silver is not as dark as it appears in the photo. The “background” piece that the stones rest on is oxidized dark, but the other metal is a nice well-rubbed silver.

Hello, this bracelet is classic Navajo work. Heavy silver and stones. It is hard to say what turquoise mine the stones are from, but they look nice and are American. It is very common for pieces from this time period to have no hallmark. Thank you for sharing.