My Turquoise Collection


This is my turquoise collection. It’s small I know. I made the two necklaces from beads labeled as turquoise. I doubt the small one is real. It is really hard but the color is odd. It has tiny dark blue streaks in it. Not sure what I paid for that strand…$8 maybe? The bigger beads necklace I just made today. I feel that one is real. I got them from a seller not Etsy. They were $12, but it was for less than 20 beads.

I found the bracelet a couple of summers ago at a department store on a card. I maybe paid $8 for it? The big ring is vintage, not sure what year. I bought it from a friend over 10 years ago and not sure how long she had it before I bought it. The little ring is a gemstone, vintage also. I’ve had that for many years, but it looks like a sodalite to me. Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!

Nice collection. My first thought was denim lapis on that ring, think you right about not being turquoise. You might try a picture of the beads without the flash, hard to see the stones.

I agree with Jason, the ring at the very top looks like a piece of denim lapis which is just lapis lazuli of a lighter color. The rest is harder to tell because of the lack of matrix in some of them. The necklace with the black cord is real stabilized turquoise. The nugget bracelet seems like it could be dyed magnesite or howlite, that’s usually what you find nowadays in large department stores, that and chinese turquoise - both beautiful in their own right but you shouldn’t have to pay too much for them. Cool to see your collection!

Cool collection :+1: I also agree on the denim lapis but I also think it looks a little bit like larimar…an additional non flash natural outside light photo would clear that up though! Keep looking you never know what you may find next