Mystery Bracelet Marking

I am an online vintage and antique Etsy shop owner. I purchased an antique Native American cuff and I have been searching tirelessly to find any information about the markings on the inside. It is clearly marked 825 but the very unique handprints lining the insides center are stumping me. If you have any info or insights they are greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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My first thought was a pictograph hallmark but the fact that there are so many makes me think that it may be part of the design. There are many pieces now that have designs on the inside as well as the outside: even cast pieces. Are the marks all over the interior?
There are many knowledgeable people on this forum. Maybe others will offer their opinions as well. It’s a nice bracelet.

Have you looked the back over good? Maybe the name of the artist is carved into the piece like those hands? It should be .925, that is the silver content of sterling silver. Can you give us a close up of the number?

Thank you both so much for your input. The design only covers about 2 inches of the inside of the bracelet and isn’t centered. I have looked over the bracelet with a loop and there are no other markings but the hands. Also it appears to be marked .825 which I found very odd. I have tested it and it’s tests as silver. I’m wondering if the .825 just looks like .825 but really is .925 just pressed at an odd angle. I’ve never seen any marking like these.

I think it actually says 925, as I’ve seen 925 stamps in all sorts of conditions. I’m not an expert but this cuff looks like it was cast as opposed to hand-hammered or stamped, and maybe the handprints are just part of the design, in themselves sort of a signature as the artist could have made that an integral design in the mold. It would be interesting to hear from others here in this forum to see if anyone has seen anything similar before.
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Yes, this would be cast, most likely tufa. Two pieces are used, the piece with the carved design and a flat piece for the top. This top piece would of had those designs in the tufa. Without a hallmark I think it will remain a mystery. Enjoy wearing it, the cuff is beautiful.

Thank you all for your quick responses, your information has been very helpful. I definitely know more than I did when I posted it here. I’m wondering if anyone could tell what kind of turquoise this stone might be. Thanks so much again!

Looks like it could be a piece e of Fox Turquoise.