NA? Sterling & Larimar Bracelet By Ella

Here is a sterling & larimar bracelet for sale locally. The claim is NA by Ella. Thoughts?


I wonder if they are attributing it to Ella Peters. Her Hallmark usually includes her last name and is a different font.

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@StevesTrail Looks like a nice cuff & well made. I believe we can rule out Navajo Ella Cowboy as her hallmark is an “E”. The use of “by” as part of the hallmark leads me to believe that it’s not Native American made. Just my 2 cents.


I found out it was sold out of Native Arts Gallery in Bar Harbor. I was inclined to think NA “style”, not made. I saw ONE pair of Zuni earrings. Other items state in a Navajo setting. Hmm? Might be worth it at $175 if you like the look but light at 53 grams which leads me to think imported.


@StevesTrail I agree NA/Southwestern Style is a more appropriate description for the cuff. “… in a Navajo setting.” What in the world does that mean?? I guess I’m a little more inclined toward the cuff being Anglo made and not necessarily an import. But, who knows?