Native Alaskan Tlingit Cuff

Picked this up at the flea today. Native Alaskan Tlingit tribe bracelet (pronounced “cling- kit”) depicting an eagle and his wing by artist Bill J. Wilson. I am so used to seeing Native American jewelry that I was a little surprised to see this guy. It’s not often that I see native Alaskan jewery. Thought I would share with y’all!


The hooked beak is fierce and the eye is strong – an interesting choice to make that an added element, not just engraved work. This is like a cross between a drawing and a sculpture. It looks like one of their wood carvings on their totem poles.

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I paid a little more than I normally like to pay, but this cuff just spoke to me, you know? It doesn’t even fit me, lol! I just wanted to enjoy it for a little bit before it gets passed on to its next owner

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Nice! I have a serious weakness in me when it comes to Pacific Northwest art and jewelry! That is a nice piece of Tlingit work. Color me jealous. I recently picked up an argillite trinket box with Haida figures all over it. It was advertised as a ceramic box! I would never have spent the kind of money it would have taken to acquire one. While there is some temptation to turn my $23 box into $500…it just wont happen! :slight_smile: