Native American Concho or not? (Vintage - purchased in NM)

Hello -

Both of these necklaces were purchased in New Mexico by my grandmother in the 1980’s. I was recently told that they are NOT Native American pieces, yet, I see pictures of the less rounded bead necklace (Necklace A) on other sites labeled as “Old Pawn Navajo Silver.”

The second necklace (Necklace B) … I have not found this exact pattern labeled as Native American, though I have seen similar patterns.

Would anyone know if these are or are not authentic Native American pieces? Thank you! ~ Cyl

I am not an expert by any measure but the first necklace looks pretty authentic to me. What’s interesting with the second necklace is that those beads look very familiar to me - I saw them a lot In the 1980s in San Francisco (my hometown) on necklaces that were sold in New Age bookstores and trendy, high-end, hippie-ish boutiques. On some of those necklaces the beads were most certainly hundred percent sterling silver but in many cases they were just silver plated hope that helps a little.

Hi Grousey -

Thank you so much for your response and information. I appreciate it a lot! The second set of beads does seem to be a mystery. I like the San Fransisco association; it’s one of my most favorite cities in the world. I’ll keep on searching for info …

Thanks again!

The first necklace is a traditional native design although that does not mean it hasn’t been copied. Your necklace has the correct hook and eye clasp and it strung on foxtail chain, both indications of it’s authenticity.
The second necklace looks to be of Tibetan design and may be made from “Tibetan silver” which of course isn’t silver at all but most likely a base material that is plated. I can’t see how it is strung nor the clasp so I can’t judge by those. If it is from the middle east treat it with care, some of those base metals they use are lead and the plaiting may contain other dangerous chemicals.

Thank you, SevernSound, for the information! I appreciate it very, very much. I will re-look at both necklaces again with a critical eye.