Native american earrings

I’m looking to identify the maker of these earrrings.

I think the SN Hallmark belongs to Sharold Nutumya. The “HL” is actually the letters H and C, for the HopiCrafts Guild. Having both of these marks means that Nutumya made these while working for HopiCrafts guild. These earrings probably date from the 40’s or 50’s due to the screwbacks.

Have you identified the image on the front? I am seeing a woman with a traditional Navajo tsyiièèł bun (but that doesn’t make sense to me, because these are Hopi earrings).

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The bun is interesting. Hopi men will have a certain style haircut (think Charles Loloma) so they will be recognized when going to the next world, Hopi maidens will have two buns. The image doesn’t really match either. I would guess the women, it would be difficult to capture in this size earring.

I see what you mean about the haircut now, I had to google a portrait to Charles to refresh my memory. These earrings are going to keep me up at night wondering.