Native American Inlay Work

What do you look for when considering an inlay purchase?

How do you tell Native work versus from The Philippines? Appreciate any and all help.

You might start with a name? See if you can find examples by the artist that are similar. Next, go to the material, many times the reason the phillipeans are used is cost and one of the best places to reduce costs is with fake materials. I am looking at the bracelet you have put the picture up of and I am not sure I have ever seen something similar, would make me a little suspect. If this is something you are buying check the reputation of the seller, question them and see if they sound like they know about the art they are selling, experts or really good sales people?

Hi Jason, yes I am considering the purchase. The seller is selling her private jewelry that she can no longer wear. She bought it a few years back at a Native American festival from the artist. I thought it was different but I know nothing about inlay so I’m unsure if I should move forward. No hallmarks just stamped sterling. Thanks for your help.