Native American or Mexican?

Quite a while ago I posted 2 pair of Native made earrings my mom bought in Santa Fe while on a cross country train trip with her mom in '45/'46. Those she could clearly remember that she got out there, but I have this other silver pair from her. They were her mother’s, and then mom passed them on to me. But mom could never remember if grandma bought them on the same train trip, or if she would have gotten them a year or two later in Mexico. I’m posting them, because I know nothing about Mexican jewelry, and was wondering what people on here thought. Not a big deal, I’ve just always been curious. I changed them from screw backs to posts.

The backs are smooth with no markings.

I have these two old photos of my mom wearing the earrings. Mom did some local modeling after High School to earn some money, so these are pictures of some of the photos that were adds in the newspaper for a department store. They’re not very good quality, but mom had pointed out to me that she was wearing the earrings in those photos.

So if any of you that are familiar with Mexican jewelry would take a look at these I’d appreciate it. Or do you think they’re Native American?


Pretty mommy!

They seem to have a Mexican feel to me.

Similar ones here… Unique Vintage Sterling Silver With Gold Plated Twist Earrings - Etsy


Earrings? What earrings?
I’m looking at your fabulous mother! She looks like a movie star!

Ok, I think the earrings look Mexican. But vintage Mexican sterling jewelry of good quality is very desirable. I like them!


Based on similar marked Mexican pieces I have, I would say good quality Mexican. Cool recorded family history @Ziacat !


Thanks all! She always said she wondered if they were Mexican made. And they are definitely vintage; those pics are prob from 1946-7. Mom had a hard life growing up. Her dad died during the depression when she was quite young (he’d been gassed in the front lines of WW1), and her mom was able to get a job at the local GE plant, but had some mental struggles. But there were some good times like the train trip. Mom was an incredibly positive person with a strong faith, but she didn’t like to talk much about those days. She was in HS during WW2, and said mostly what she remembered was that so many young men never came home.

Anyway, it’s fun to try to find out info about what she left me. @nanc9354, thanks for finding those earrings; they look almost the same! I wonder how old those are.

@Stracci, I had fun hearing about her modeling days. She said they almost looked like clowns, because of all the foundation shades they would use to shape their cheekbones, etc for the black and white photos.


@Ziacat Beautiful photos of your Mom ~ so elegant! My feel about the earrings is that they’re Mexican. Good quality. They definitely look 1940s to me (which matches your family history of the earrings.)


@Ziacat I enjoy hearing stories of your family and the heirlooms they have left to you. Wonderful memories and beautiful jewelry/pictures.


Your mom is absolutely riveting in these pics. Wonderful to have these as memories. The earrings are super pretty and likely Mexican. Lovely!


Thanks again! It was fun looking through her old modeling photos (we have lots) to find the earrings again. I looked to see if there are any with her wearing the turquoise ones, but no luck.

I think the earring thread got me wondering about them. I hadn’t worn them much because they needed fixed again, which I did a couple yrs ago, but I tend to forget they are safe to wear now.

Thanks for letting me share. I was the baby of the family by 12 yrs, and many are gone, so it’s fun to share a bit here!


What beautiful photos of your mom, how cool to have those to remember her by! Even better that they include the earrings.


Your mom is so pretty and so are the earrings.


Thank you, she was a lovely lady, inside and out. And she loved to talk about and shop for NA jewelry with me!


These could be Mexican but I would expect some sort of hallmark. Great earrings no matter what. Your mom looks like a model.

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Yep, no marks at all, nada.

Mom did some local modeling for a couple years out of HS. Most of it went into the newspapers here, but a few adds went into some bigger magazines. She also had a silver “pearl” necklace that was definitely from Mexico, and wore that in some pics. I had the beads, but the necklace fell apart, and I’m not sure where it went.