Native american or not

Hello every one. this is my first post here and i have a very rare piece of jewelry, its marked sterling but i don’t know if its native american or not, any help would be appreciated like in naming the stones or if its native american.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/386dcee75b2ffa488ea354724725573a5c05966f.jpg">

Also how much do you guys think a piece like this would be worth

Hello, thanks for sharing, not sure about the top orange stone, possibly amber, the others appear to be turquoise, shell, coral, and a pearl. Don’t know if this is native or not, looks like a beginners creation.

Thanks jason. Any idea how much this thing would be worth, its 50 grams and is sterling silver.

That is 1.6 troy ounces, todays market is around $27 a troy ounce, that would give you about $43 in silver, none of those stones are really expensive, the hard thing is the size, I believe this is a pendant, would be a hard thing to sell.