Native American Sterling Silver Carinated cuff bracelet by C. A. Sanchez

I purchased this a few weeks ago for stacking with other brackets, but it’s smaller and hides amoung the others I have. It was also sold as A. Sanchez, but with my loupe I can see it’s signed C.A.Sanchez. I looked this up and found a woman with this hallmark but now I can’t find the information again. If anyone is interested, I would just like to get my money back out of it. I will take $25 by PayPal, which includes U.S. first class shipping.


What are the measurements? I’m interested so long as it’s not child sized lol

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It’s not a large bracelet. I have a 6 & 1/4 inch wrist. This fits me with a gap of 1 & 3/16” as it shows in these 3 photos.

It’s 2 & 1/4 inches across, inside measurement, with the gap at 1 & 3/16”.

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I’ll take it! Will pm you