Natural turquoise or manufactured?

Finally resorted to taking a hammer to this one. It had several marks carved into it that looked white. I soaked it in water overnight and no change to the color. The two holes drilled were white all around the edges and as far as I could see in. So, did I destroy a perfectly good natural turquoise bead?

One more close up. I’m wondering, if the little turquoise pieces are natural, why are they white on the inside?

Looks like it has some sort of treatment or we would see that color go deeper than just the top. With all that host rock not sure what you would have done with it.

Thank you, Jason. I was concerned when I enlarged the drilled holes and they got chalkier and all white. I’m checking my collection for others. Don’t know what I’ll do with them since I prefer natural turquoise.

Most all of the turquoise available on the market is stabilized or had been treated in some way. You would be hard to find a natural, untreated pieces of gem grade turquoise that’s fit for jewelry