Navajo beads

I bought these beads at an antique market today. The shape of the beads and the stamp work appealed to me. Can anyone tell me if they are Navajo handmade? I don’t specifically see a seam but the shape of the beads would hide that well. The stampwork appears hand stamped to me.

Can anyone tell me approximate value? Weight is 54g.

Thanks as always for your help!

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This is a nice handmade Navajo silver bead necklace. From the image it appears short, maybe 16"? Seems like new ones this size go around $150 - $175, but yours as this nice patina and look so I would think a little premium.

You are correct that it is shorter, 18 inches. Thanks so much for your input! It’s good to know that I was right in thinking that they are hand made and hand stamped and that I paid a fair price for them.

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