Navajo Cuff with unknown Marks

I was wondering if anyone knows something about this marks ? Age of the cuff ?


Are you talking about the hallmark (initials on the back of the cuff), or the decorative stamp work?

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Well … both … i ment the hallmark but if the stamp work is familiar you may answer to that too :slight_smile:

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The stamps are pretty typical stamps used in Navajo style silversmithing. The long straight and curved stamps are likely made from sections of steel leaf spring, and the shorter stamps fashioned from lengths of steel files, automotive valve stems, punches. Anything of the right size that will temper properly.

The arrangement of the stones is unusual. Normally in this type of work, you’d see them arranged side by side. I’m guessing someone may have provided the stones to the silversmith arranged on a piece of tape or glued to a sheet of construction type paper, to have the bracelet made in that particular configuration.

Bracelet is 100% hand made. Bezel looks like its made of 26 gauge sheet, hand sawn with a fairly coarse blade to make the separations, or “tines”.

The larger of the stones was over-buffed at some point, slightly scorching the surface of the stone. Amateur mistake. This probably wasn’t done by the silversmith, but by someone down the line. That may be able to be fixed by someone who knows what they’re doing by removing the stone, taking a touch of material off the surface, and refinishing the stone without overheating.