Navajo Hallmark "LH" - need help for identifying silversmith

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Hi, I posted in July about the same topic but did not get any response concerning this hallmark:

I did further research and stumbled about another piece with the same hallmark but in a totally different style:

I am pretty sure it is NOT “Les Holden” and NOT “Les Hill” because their hallmarkslook different.
Can someboy solve the puzzle for me? Thanks


I’m at the office today, not working from home, so I don’t have access to books. But here’s a hypothesis I’m going to use when investigating this. I’m not convinced the first element in the signature is an “L.” The longest line looks too jagged. I’m going to see if that is a pictograph symbol alongside an “H.”

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Interesting approach - looking forward to hear from you - ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!

I am not familiar with this hallmark either. However, from what information I can find it leads to a Les Holden. The image for the hallmark comes out of Hourart’s hallmark book and seems very similar, just not a perfect image. Also, I did a research in google and this would indicate the piece was Les Holden. Again, I am not familiar with the hallmark or artist, but found this information.

I have a piece with this same hallmark and would also like to know who the artist is. Thank you for posting and the suggested artist.

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Hello, I have 2 belt buckles with the same hallmark(s) that are being discussed on this thread. The 1st one I bought in the early 1970’s while traveling through Cannonville, Utah. I bought it new and was told at the time that the piece was made by Leo Harvey. The second piece I bought in the early 90’s at a trade show in Denver, Colorado. The “LH” on the older piece has the sawtooth “L” while the 2nd piece has a typical “L”. Both pieces were done by Leo Harvey (or a member of his family business) as the styles are very unique. I believe that this may be the missing piece to this puzzle and that Leo Harvey is the silversmith that you have been trying to identify. I have kept my eyes out over the years hoping to find something on the internet that would help memorialize Leo’s work as I am a great fan and I recently ran across this article that was written by his granddaughter. As a side note, Leo is the grandfather of Sheldon Harvey, an award winning modernist Navajo artist who attributes his grandfather as being a strong influence in his life as an artist. Please see the link below and attached pictures of my Leo Harvey pieces with the two slightly different hallmarks. I hope this helps. Warmest regards…


Hello Bob, thanks so much for sharing this information about the artist. I think you solved the mystery!!!The hallmark looks identical although the style of my bracelet (stamp work, no stones) is quite different. Thanks so much for your excellent information.

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I have recently acquired one braclet and 2 pendant and one of them is a pin


nice collection, and welcome to the forum.

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Hi I’m sorry I’m new here and I’m just wondering where to go to ask a question I can’t seem to figure out how this is working can someone please let me know where I would go to type in my question thank you


If you just want to find out what a piece is you could use the identity category. You can also use the appraisal category if you are trying to identify and learn value. The seventh icon (the landscape box) from the left is what you click to upload pictures. Please remember to put pictures of the piece as well as any hallmark. Welcome!

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Go to the top right of your page and select a category. Then make a new post from there.

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Thanks—I forgot that part! Lol it’s a good thing I’m not a teacher.

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Wow, a few beautiful Leo Harvey pieces. It sure is nice to see other examples of his work! Thanks for posting them.

Hello Bob, just wanted to say thanks for all of the information previously, we have referenced this post several times for other people who have had the same Hallmark on their pieces