Navajo Hallmark

I’m looking to find out who made this bracelet. It has an arrow and Sterling on it, but can’t figure out what’s above the arrow. I bought this in Sante Fe, NM to resell.


This is Darryl Becenti, he is a cousin to the Cadman brothers. Very nice piece.

It’s really pretty. Will you be selling online?

I agree this is beautiful. Love the color of the turquoise.

I’m just starting to list items on my sites. I have an Etsy and a Bonanza site DKDesignJewelry … I do design work and work with 4 or 5 Navajo Master Silversmiths, and do lapidary work for myself and the jewelry I’m having made. I bought this piece for my collection about a year ago, but I have so much stuff… lol

The Green Kingman with the gold matrix is very hard to find, let alone 5 matching stones. I just had to buy it. I probably will sell it though.


I am drooling!!! Bottom picture on the right—-is that a Royston cuff? Second row third from right is also very interesting.
To be honest, I wouldn’t mind having the entire collection! Lol

Amazing collection!!

That’s stabilized # 8

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image. I have a Royston cuff that will make you drool though, let me find a pic of it.


Second tie, third from the right is natural number 8, go to Etsy or Bonanza to see close ups of those…DKDesignJewelryshop

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Will do. Will be watching for the Royston piece. I am looking for a cuff to match a necklace with old blue and brown Royston that was made in the 70’s. It is hallmarked “Rista”. Please remember me if you come across any of his work.

:+1: ok, I will look for that Artist.

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Thanks. I posted the necklace on here ages ago and about six months later up pops someone who said the artist had been her late fathers best friend, posted the pieces she was wearing and told me it was all from Royston. Then she disappeared. Some info is better than none.