Navajo- Huge Cluster Turquoise Brooch Pendant Silver - signed "LH"?

One more piece I did inherit from my aunt. It is about 3 inches tall and in excellent condition. I think it is an older Navajo piece but have no idea about the silversmith. Hopefully someone can help me out and identify the silversmith for me and give me an estimated age of this piece. Thank you

Hello and thanks for sharing. Both Navajo and Zuni artists make cluster work. When you have a piece like this with uniform shaped you think it is Zuni made. Navajo artists like Victor Moses Begay make cluster but have a different hallmark, VMB. Same as the Wilson family, but their turquoise style is a little different. So, I think this piece is Zuni even though I can’t give you a name for the hallmark. I would call this 1980s. Hope this helps.