Navajo or?

I just bought this used set off eBay and not sure I want to keep it. I never wear stuff this big. It does have a nice feel to it, though. It is stamped sterling on each piece but no other marks. There was another eBay seller with just the bear itself calling it Navajo. It had the same stamps. I added photo of chain too.

Is my set Navajo or do we know who is making the bears with these attached stamps?

Also I would like to know the value. Thanks!

This is s very pretty set! It could be either Navajo or Zuni - both do this kind of inlay work. There are also many fake inlaid bears made in the Philippines or elsewhere. I’m no expert, but I’ve collected a few bears and have learned a little. Based on that, my guess is that it is Navajo. However, there is no way to know which artist made it without some type of mark on the back as many people do this kind of work.

Was the other bear you saw on eBay exactly like it, or just similar? If other pieces are exactly the same, it suggests something was mass produced and less valuable, although that isn’t always true.

As for value, the first place to look is closed sales for similar items on eBay but maybe people with more expertise can chime in here.

hand made chain bodes well, though

I agree that the chain is s good sign.

Also, I just remembered that sometimes bear pendants are signed in the edges or inside the bale. It’s worth a look.

Good idea thanks! I just looked it over with a 10x loupe and couldn’t find one. I checked the earrings too. No hallmarks. It was worth a try, though.