Navajo Sterling Silver & Gold Ring


I bought a sterling silver and 14K gold ring from a shop in Santa Fe, NM from their pawn jewelry deliveries. All they could tell me was that it was Navajo.

Would you tell me if the design has meaning for the Navajo?

Inside the ring are multiple paw prints through the ring and in one it says 14K. There are initials that appears to be a small “w” attached to an “A” upside down above an engraved “STERL”. Can you identify who made it, and would you share that information please?

Are there other sites or places that I could inquire if you are unsuccessful?



Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t find anything on the hallmark. I wanted it to be Able Arthur, but his mark is different. The ring is Navajo and the designs do not have any special meaning. You might work your way through this site Indian Native American jewelry marks in an attempt to identify hallmark, good luck.

Hi Jason?

Thanks for checking. During my research I found folks who had designs kind of similar to my ring and they called it a “mountains design”. Looking at the outside of the ring horizontally where one can read STERL inside the ring straight on, the gold plating is matted in the triangles “^”, and the upside triangles “v” are shiny smooth which is the sky or horizon.

So, in my mind’s eye, I am looking at mountains.

I am now wearing it as my substitute wedding band. I should have chosen something Native American in hind sight anyway.

Thanks again,