Navajo Storyteller Cuff

I picked up this sterling & 12K GF storyteller cuff and I’m really excited about it because I’ve never owned one before. I was hoping for some assistance with this one. I was curious about the hallmark which looks very familiar to me. I was also curious about a price range for a cuff like this. Also, does the cuff actually tell a story? Or is it just a cumulation of images? Thanks!

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This is why it looks familiar, we were talking about, is this a feather or a pepper. This is right next to it. I’m not sure if it’s the same mark or not but it’s probably close enough for your brain to latch on to.

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That’s probably what happened, lol! That infamous chili pepper feather hallmark. Too bad that site doesn’t recognize my hallmark either though :pensive:

Just a cumulation of images showing life on the Navajo Nation. Pretty cool.


I found a very similar storyteller cuff with the same hallmark in the cabinet with the Darrell Cadman cuff at the antiques mall. Same thing but different. He didn’t know anything about it either.


What a beautiful piece.

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