Navajo turquoise necklace

I picked up this up at a flea market today for $20. There are no markings but it tests as sterling silver. The turquoise measures from about 1.5" to 1" long . I can just barely see a horizontal line on the round beads. I polished the metal. It’s really lovely; when I first saw it, I thought it would cost A LOT more.

Any ideas on value?

I wouldn’t have guessed those beads to be sterling, good find. This is something similar that if found.

Thanks, Jason. That’s about what I thought.

I wouldn’t call this necklace Native American made. The beads look to me to be machine made. In particular, those little twist beads are not at all similar to any handmade native beads, but I believe the round ones to be machine made as well. The chain is not what we see native necklaces strung on and the hook and eye is not quite right for native work either. It’s a cute necklace though.

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OK, thank you. But a very cute necklace, yes.