Necklace and bracelet

Any info and price on these 2 items the necklace is 10 strands and the braclet is 14 k gold
David Tune


Liquid silver is not native american handmade jewelry. It looks like you can purchase 10 strands starting around $40 online, yours has those added colored beads so a little more, a good looking piece. I found this piece Plata de Santa Fe Jewelry by who I believe to be the artist of bracelet. The price is also going to depend on how much gold you have (weight) in the piece.


Neat stuff! Is the whole bracelet gold, or mixed in? And is that a real diamond on it?

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Yes it all gold with the turquoise and coral on the sides

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I’ve known David Tune for many years. David is Navajo, a jeweler, medicine man, and a hell of a good guy.


Steve mentioned that site and I really like it. A lot of nice jewelry. I learned that Charoite comes from only one place….Siberia, Russia. Good to know. I have a DIL who is from Russia so I will gift her some charoite pieces when I no longer use them.

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