Necklace Marked "Guerro"

I received this necklace from my grandmother. I’m having a hard time finding the artist / jewler and dating the necklace. The reverse is marked “Guerro”. It appears to be Bisbee Turquoise but I’m not certain. Anybody have any insight on the mark and the stone? Picture below.

The second doesn’t have a marking and appears to be coral or spiny coral.

Any help is appreciated!

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Welcome to Turquoise People. It is Navajo, say both are around the 1980s. It is a beautiful piece. I would call this turquoise something like Ithaca Peak and the other is Mediterranean branch coral. Guerro is a common last name, I couldn’t match this up to a particular name in the hallmark books.



Thank you for your help. I didn’t even know where to find this information. I really appreciate your taking the time to help.