Necklace with Geronimo Hallmark

Found this necklace in my mom’s jewelry when she died. Curious on the hall mark and possible value?




This hallmark is listed in Native American and Southwestern Silver Hallmarks by Bille Hougart. It refers to the mark as a shop symbol and does not attribute it to an artist. I am not familiar with the hallmark. The necklace is stunning and looks like a really nicely made piece. If we could associate the piece with a Native American artist I imagine it would have more value. You didn’t list the size of the piece of give an idea of weight, but from the looks I could see a price like $600 and up. Thanks for sharing.


This necklace is a collectors dream, in my opinion

Wow! That’s stunning!

It has some real color in the Turquoise. Beautiful.

What a gorgeous piece!

This is a killer necklace!!! Enjoy it!